The Oakwood Surgery – Out of Area Registration Scheme.

We’re delighted that you would like to register with us.  Thank you for showing an interest.

Prior to 2012, we were only able to register patients who lived near the surgery.  This rule has now been lifted by the Department of Health and so we are pleased to say that we can register patients from across England.

Whilst we are permitted to register any patient from across England, we recognise that it’s not always in your interest to register at The Oakwood Surgery if you live a long way from us and have complex care needs. Therefore, we review every registration of a patient who does not live in our practice boundary area to ensure that we can give you the best possible care we have to offer. Where we feel that we cannot provide this high level of care, we reserve the right to decline your application to register with us so that your needs can be more appropriately met closer to where you live.

Unlike other healthcare providers, we do not have an extensive list of healthcare exclusions.  We review each patient case by case to ensure that the care we offer you is appropriate for your needs.

How will I get my prescriptions?
Here at The Oakwood Surgery we are very technologically enabled.  We can send your prescriptions to any pharmacy in England who are also linked to the NHS electronic prescribing system (EPS). Unfortunately, not all medicines can be sent electronically via EPS and so what we can prescribe you is impressive but  limited and may mean that for some items you will have to attend the surgery to pick up a paper prescription.

How will I get a home visit?
We are unable to provide home visits for patients who are registered with us on the out of area scheme.  If you need a home visit, you will need to call 111 and explain that you need a home visit as part of the out of area scheme.

What about referrals to hospital?
Patients in England are entitled to be referred to any hospital they like that is able to provide them with the appropriate care that they need.  Patient choice is enshrined in the NHS constitution.  If you would like referral to a hospital close to where you live, then just let us know.

The Oakwood Surgery – Out of Area Registration Scheme.

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