Here at The Oakwood Surgery, we are a team.  
We work together and help each other to strive for excellence.

Whilst it may seem at your appointment that you are only seeing one of us, we share our knowledge and expertise for your benefit so that in reality we wrap our entire team around you.

We know that patients, like us, like the individual touch.  This is why when you registered at our practice you were allocated to a named GP – one of the Partners.  So, your allocated GP is either Doctor Harding or Eggitt.  

You were told this on registration, but don’t worry if you have forgotten.  If you drop our reception a call or ask when you next pop in, they will be pleased to let you know who your named and accountable GP is.

Flexibility and continuity.
Whilst it’s nice to know that the Partners are always looking out for you, you are free to choose any member of our team to discuss your problem with.  We don’t want you to be restricted to your named GP.  After all, variety is the spice of life…